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I'm really having a hard time understanding why the WE's that come on the SBA's aren't giving you everything you need. I can fully understand changing the spring if your sag settings aren't correct & revalving if you are not getting full stroke or bottoming.

I've done s lot of tuning on road & dirt motorcycle racing and absolutely understand how high low settings work but I'm just not buying into needing a high low setting for a 50/50 sled? If you ran on frozen solid trails in a CC race situation... maybe?

I think you can set up the WE with proper torsion springs to achieve the same results & again if that doesn't get you there & you have done testing ( measuring stroke ) on different conditions then get them revalved.

For disclosure I'm absolutely not beyond adding things for the sake of having something to play with / the best, but seeing guys adding this when they haven't sorted out the stock WE...?
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