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Thank you very much, I found that one too and starting doing a dance, but that sled while very similar, is not the same where it matters.

The attached sled is not exactly mine, but the seat/tunnel is all the same and this pic shows the problem. I think the issue is probably the way the tunnel angles up at the back of the sled, that ruins the normal mounting spot I think?? My other concern is perhaps the hump is too tall?

This sled was pretty inexpensive so I'm happy to mod it whatever way would work to pull this off. I suppose if I can't find another I'll be ordering this hoping to find an obvious way to mod the connection. I'll be out shipping fees if it doesn't work but I guess that's not the end of the world...

I'm just very disappointed. I found two great sleds, pulled the trigger (for once!) thinking one of the coolest parts of this was not having 2ups since we don't have guests for anything but short rides. But we do definitely want to take guests, and as my luck would have it, only one has an available seat jack!

I also saw a Seat Adapter for a Ski-doo, which was just a strap on seat that goes over the hump. I wanted a seat jack so my guests would feel secure, but I could consider doing something like that and when we have guests, I'll be the one that rides on it so everyone else gets a normal seat. That kinda stinks though.

Any an all ideas still welcome!
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