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Default 2015 assault rails in edge skid

Hey everyone!
I decided to upgrade the old girl 2004 vertical edge 600 144" but came across an issue im wondering if anybody could shed some insight on.
Couple years ago i came across a deal on a 151" track and some 144" rails with extensions from a 2015 assault for a decent price. So before assembling i laid out my old rails with the new ones and could not find any difference's in mounting holes so i installed the new rails to my existing skid (from a 2004 switchback 700 with adjustable rear shock) along with the new 151" track. Everything seemed like a go until i went to load up on my deck, but as soon as i got to the teeter point with the skis in the air and the front of the skid at the top of the ramp, everything came to a halt and all it wanted to do is burn the belt off! Needless to say i unloaded and went for a little ride around my shop. Everything felt good, no binding issues, track tension was good. Went to load up again and same issue. I guess my question is, has anybody come across this before or have any ideas what could be the issue? Could there be a difference in geometry? Worst case i could go buy some 151 actual edge rails but not ready to give up on what i have yet! Thanks in advance, sorry for the long read!
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