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Originally Posted by ICEMANJOE View Post
I have a bunch of old pictures that I have posted in the past. I have no other copies of the pictures other than here. How do I access them and repost them if they are stored only on HCS ??
Also the folder is almost full. Do I start to delete them or can I move them.

Towards the top center of any page click on "USER CP"
Scroll down the left side and click on "ATTACHMENTS"
Click on each attachment to view, if you want to save it again right click on the pic and click "SAVE" and you can save it again on your computer.

As for you attachment folder being almost full, you can delete some of your attachments or you can become a Contributing or a Lifetime member and that gives you more attachment space on here, it also allows you to store more P.M.'s and opens up a couple more forums that you currently do not see..... No one really posts anything in those forums but they are there for contributing or a lifetime members to use.....

If you want to delete an attachment, on the right side of the attachment page is a box for each attachment, click the box for each attachment you want to delete, then scroll to the bottom right of the page and click on delete selected. there is no where else for you to "Store" your pics on here.......
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