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Originally Posted by tinman View Post
From my experience with 4 different Pro-s 600s. 15-17, short and sb. Splitting hairs, they all run slightly different. Then you have driver weight ,traction ect..ect... Your cheapest/simplest bet is sh$t can the stock secondary spring for either a 140-220 or 140-200.Then maybe add a lighter finish on the primary spring.
I like the 120-310,but some people like the higher engagement/revy feel of something that starts at 140. Other option if you have it, a 46-42 full or stock type xx-44 .46/.36 may work alright with the stock springs and 10-64s. Everyone expects & likes something different, don't think you're going to get "this works better" setup. Too many variables. Sorry, my $.02. Good luck.
What rpm do the axys 600s run best at in your experience? There was talk on another board that they like to be run a little higher than the rush/indy.
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