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Originally Posted by jmaxdox View Post
Glad somebody put this thread up. I was about to go digging to find the old thread about this as I want to order a few sets. I got a hold of Rick at NorthStar a couple weeks ago and he didn't have any relays in stock. My buddies sled previously ran very strong at 8250 with a little extra weight in the clutch then like a switch ran at a doggy 7800 one day. After installing the new relays he was back to pulling 8350 and said it felt even stronger than it ever had before. Upon inspection of the stock relays one of them did have corrosion in it. So I'm on the hunt for some of these relays. He didn't know where I could find them if Rick didn't have any. He got his from a friend that happened to buy 10 of them. They were the Panasonic relays. I know there is a thread on here somewhere with a direct link to these Panasonic relays somewhere. Seems how the topic is fresh up on the site now maybe someone can help with where these relays can be bought?
The website for relays is www.digikey.com Panasonic cm1-R-12v digi-key # 255-2185-ND I bought 3 from there.
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