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Originally Posted by Turbo Dynamics View Post
You've been around for a long time. Antilag was a powerful weapon in a drag race for turbo sleds.
I remember also when they tried to discredit the usefulness of antilag on trail sleds. I can pull up many post from 2010-2015.
Around 2015, they stopped trying to discredit it because many shops now had that technology.

Now everybody wants those features !

But my goal is keep innovating, keep working as hard as possible to supply my customers with the best tunes and technology !

This year our service has never been better. We have a great team and we are ready. Our massive inventory helps keeps order shipment flowing !
Ive been eyeballing other exhausts....but recent tests with that noise meter showed me the super quiet is really super quiet....I was totally impressed...my question is ...for those who would run pt or even max 17+ would it flow enough...on the old sled I always thought 3"...but the quietness really impressed me in that test....how will it perform and wheres the cross over where yes here you need more?
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