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Default Stock for stock, what's faster up top?

Swotchback Pro S or switchback Assault (1.352 cobra): Is there a definite answer to this question?
I've yet to ride an assault but based on the conventional skid I am curious if they are able to carry more speed than the S, as was the case with the indy and the Pro R's.
However, I would anticipate the assault to have more acceleration simply due to its lower gearing, and better traction. That said, the weight transfer has gotta be bigger on the Pro S simply due to design, and thus I'm wondering how close they stack up in acceleration as well....tho my primary question here is top speed, and which is faster.

Just to stir the pot too, what would results be comparing and assault and an S with the SAME track (1.352 cobra for arguments sake)

Either way, lets assume raight line, hard packed, both machines studded, and this applies for both comparisons.

Let's hear it fellas

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