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Default 2002 ZL 600 EFI servo cycle issue

I got a ZL 600 EFI and it was running great then backfired and quit. The servo seems to be trying to cycle at idle then dies. If I disconnect the power going into the ECU for the power valve side the engine runs great and everything works as it should except the servo motor of course. I have been through the ringer checking everything to figure out why. TSS is disconnected, all stator windings read fine, all grounds are clean. The TPS checks out almost indenticle to my buddies. The servo motor was almost identical reading as well on the position sensor and the motor works with 12 volts. What the hell would make the engine think its at 7000 rpm when it is at idle? No lights flashing on ECU and my ECU works fine on my buddies sled? Any advice or information would be appreciated.
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