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Originally Posted by Poo2Bone View Post
Yes me too Chris!
Seriously, I was leading Friday night and it was snowing those giant flakes hard. I was only going 35 and kept checking over my shoulder to see my 12 yr old behind me. Him , 3,4,5,6th sleds said they couldn't see anything but a taillight and the red reflector on the back my son's helmet through the dust. There were times I know I wasn't going 20 it was so bad. When we got home it was a good feeling. I explained to my boy that when it gets like that, slow down as much as it takes to see and get your ass to home or somewhere safe, that's when accidents happen. It only takes a millisecond. How it saddens me, I was right.
Those are words to live by for all of us, not just your son (great advice!) I'm glad you guys were able to put on some miles, and came home safely. Hopefully this will be a year of fewer fatalities.
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