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Default Studding Sidewinder...Whats everyone going with

The new sidewinder as we all know is putting down some serious power. Most i know opt'd with a 137 x 1.25 track. Cat guys have been doing this for years on their turbos, anyone have a suggestion as to what we should run? Ive done a lot of research and I was thinking of running 192 woody Trigger studs with Performance StudStar all in one CNC backers. I'd like to see what others are planning on running. I am sure I'm going to be on the ice 30% of the time.

Woody's recommend 144 Gold Digger 60 degree with big nuts 1.375; I'd opt for the 1.450 and 7 degree backer plate as well however i ran 144 in my 2012 etec800 and barely hooked up then...

Anyone have some good stud patterns they want to share. And do you plan on studding outside or just center?
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