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Thumbs down Burlington Cycle Ontario: Bad Dealings

Just wanted to pass on my bad experience with a powersport dealer.

Burlington Cycle in Ontario Canada

This winter I purchased some products from them via eBay. With the current exchange rate, I was saving myself a good bit by doing so. I ordered two (2) items from separate listings which they combined shipping on. We had agreed upon prices before hand and used the eBay BIN feature to make the pricing work out.

The package arrived quickly which was great. I opened the package to notice only one of my two items inside. I messaged them immediately and was told they'd found an extra item which must be mine and they'd ship it asap. This is where everything went south for me.

Over the course of the next couple months I sent numerous messages as I never received my missing item. Some I got replies from (mainly excuses), others nothing; my last three have fallen upon deaf ears. I filed a case with eBay and got rejected as the tracking number for the original listing said the package was delivered, which it was, just with items missing (minor detail apparently).

To this day I have yet to receive my missing item, have not been offered a refund, and have been cutoff from communication.

I have come to terms with the ordeal, but wanted to spread the word. If you do business with them now or in the future, that's fine, but buyer beware.

Disclaimer: This was all handled online and through eBay. I have no experience with their store front.
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