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That should be hanging on every club wall at all times. The "only had 1 or 2 beers" is relative. 1 or 2 that anybody saw, or maybe it was not a factor at all...just one of those freak occurrences.
I got bounced of a sled cold sober and spent 23 weeks in a cast for my efforts. Coulda been worse...I was in a big field with no trees within 1/4 mile in any direction, speed at the time was under 30 mph. Hit a drift the opposite way and landed on the running board with my left ankle turned over and full body weight descending on it. Snap. Only saving grace is neither my broken tibia or fibula compounded but they were completely broken off. I know I'm not invincible.
"Grab all the kicks you can baby, you only make this scene once!"
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