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Just a recap, if you have an '05 then drill out the front torque arm mounting hole that is one hole lower than stock and have your shocks revlaved. If you trail ride a lot you may want to go to a softer front track spring. Stock was a 160 and many prefer a 140. Revalve IFS shocks to match. '06-'10 use and emulsion shock for the front of the track so you can lower the pressure on that to 150psi and it works well for most. Revalve the rear shock, Revalve IFS shocks to match. '11 and newer, up to '16's now, valving and springs have changed a few times but we still recommend revalving all shocks and changing springs according to your weight. If your rear suspension sags and its all lubed up and there are no broken or bent parts and your shocks are fresh then your torsion springs are shot. They go bad frequently and need replaced way more often then they usually get replaced. Revalving will help you obtain proper weight shift and that will allow you to get better traction on acceleration, braking and overall control especially in the stutter bumps/moguls. Contact me for more info. I love to help when I can.
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