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Originally Posted by Lake Parlin Lodge View Post
Have a $25 trail pass that is mandatory to ride ITS trails in addition to current registration. This solves the problem of all the guys that say they only ice fish and it's still cheaper to ride than anywhere else.
In addition to that we should have GPS trackers in every groomer that gets State money and clubs should be paid by the mile for what they groom. I think we would have more than enough money by doing it this way that we could raise the amounts paid out for capital equipment grants so clubs wouldn't have to rely as much on municipal and club grants to make their groomer payments. Bottom line...if you ride the trail you pay and if you groom the trail you get paid.
I like that idea but feel the trail pass should be more in the order of at least $50.

So for those of you that belong to the MSA, you should have seen in the latest Maine Snowmobiler that the legislature is looking into a couple of bills related to fee increases and how to improve snowmobiling.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, contact your local Representative and voice your opinions on these. The more of them that we can get on our side, the better chance that this could pass.

I don't know the exact wording of these bills yet but they must be better than what we have now....its a start.
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