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Originally Posted by jmaxdox View Post
Does anybody have any idea how the $40 Maine Registration Fee is currently dispursed to Clubs? What percentage they get? Who gets what? What happens when certain Clubs get money and don't really even hardly Groom their trails. I'd like a better idea how the current plan in place operates?
I think the reg fee thru the state (thieves) is a good thing to find out more about too.

I do think the real and most important piece is adding a additional mandatory membership....you pick the club...at least $50 if not $60 to them or even split between up to 2 clubs.

Those clubs who earn it and have the most traffic get the most members/increase. Sorry to say it is a expensive sport and not for everyone. Thats reality.

My rides last Sat/Sun were worth that to me alone. Our trails are amazing.
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