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Default Bigger track lug

Has anyone put a bigger track on these yet? I wanted to put a 1.5 lug on it. Polaris dealer said the biggest you could go is 1.25. I seen somewhere someone had put a 1.35 on one. I'm wondering how it worked? We do a far amount of off trail riding & a little more lug sure would help.
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I bought my grandson one of these EVOs and the reason I bought it is yes you can make changes as the person that is riding it needs more sled. Some people say just buy the regular sized sled but then you get what Polaris offers at a huge price bump and it also has a wider ski stance that is NOT good for a beginner to carve in the powder). I have a 136" x 2" Yamaha take off track that is like new and I paid 150 dollars for it. Its not a good track for high Hp sleds, but I think it will be the ticket on this little guy. That's what is going on my grandsons sled next year as we too mostly do off trail riding. I will also drop out the skid so it sits up higher, swap out the front shocks with longer ones from Kimpex for 300 dollars a pair and use the stock springs (these shocks have adjustable collars so you can set them for the stock springs) and when he is ready then do the ecu upgrade with the larger throttle flipper to pull the carbs wide open. I have built many short tracks in the past into long tracks and to make rail extensions I use t60616 x 1/4" thick flat bar aluminum and never had a set fail and it costs about 20 bucks to do and my time. Then I make my own dove tails to extend the tunnel about 60 bucks for the aluminum. A small light kid on this thing will drive around in the powder just like the big boyz! (won't climb big hills in the powder obviously due to the lack of hp) but it will be a great runner.
When I start the project next fall, I will post it on here incase others are interested in making their kid a boondocker sled.

Sorry for being long winded but the the short answer is yes, up to 2" paddles will fit if the track is 2.52 pitch as that is what the drivers are.

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I put a cobra 1.35 track on my daughters and I there is room for more.

It does shockingly well off trail, especially with the stock clutching because it engages so soft and low. The kids can crawl away from a stop and not dig themselves into a hole.

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