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Default Axys Mirrors

I had the dealer install the axys mirrors, #2880292 and they are completely useless. Anyone use mirrors that work? I’ll have a really sore neck from looking back at my Doo and Cat friends.
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I played with mine this weekend on the trail, and though the handlebars are kind of in the way, they will suffice for seeing a headlight behind me after adjusting them. I am 6'5", so maybe that gives me clearance enough to see them over the bars. I can see where shorter riders would have more difficulty using them.
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Have them on my 17 switchback and yes they are pretty useless other than catching a glimpse of a headlight. Im trying out the mirrors you put on your glove/wrist this year to see if thats easier.
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I use a wrist mirror.
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Originally Posted by A05GSHO View Post
Beat me to it ... was going to post the same thing. These work really well. The only downfall is that the people behind you need to get used to it when you put your hand up to look. I just kind of hold my hand out to the side to get a quick look, and when I need people to stop I raise my arm up ... so those who normally follow me can recognize the difference.
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I really like wrist mirrors but where I ride on occasion (Quebec) they require the mirror to be fastened to your sled. I'm still looking for a better alternative than OEM.
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Think those mirrors are bad? Try using them with handguards on sled, you got a better chance of hitting a tree, while trying to get a glimpse of someone behind you, than anything else . Absolutely terrible and 100% made by polaris for polaris.
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They don't look good to me either. I'm thinking of trying powermadd sentinel handguards with the flip out mirrors, they are small convex ones but it may be ok to see headlights behind.
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Hard to beat the wrist mirror for ease of use and the $$
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Used that setup for 3 years on big mile trips. Could see everything and they rotate to adjust, talking about the power madd sentinels.

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