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amoris 01-28-2019 10:07 PM

200 - Thumb Warmer
Has anyone had any luck installing one? I noticed that the ones for 2018 are no longer and I canít seem to find any others. My plan is to wire in a standard thumb warmer from Dennis Kirk.

Just wondering if anyone has paved the path? Mine is a 2018 Yamaha snoscoot

dmarriner60 01-28-2019 11:45 PM

That is a good idea on adding the thumb, I am always worried about how the boys are doing and am sure that they would stay out till the digits were just shy of amputation [emoji1]

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amoris 01-29-2019 12:26 AM

Yep. Happened tonight!

My son started flapping his hand around and we went in. 10 degrees here and getting colder! We wont ride until Saturday now. I’ll let you know what I do for a warmer.

Smalltownpower 01-03-2020 12:47 AM

Old thread but i added a heatdemon universal thumb warmer. I took power from the brake switch, and put the rocker switch right beside the choke and pull cord. Works great.

bleedgreen forever 01-11-2020 02:06 PM

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Just installed one.
I used all arctic cat parts.
Have it so it turns on with the hand warmer switch.

LACAPRA125 01-14-2020 02:16 PM

is this plug and play using the cat oem parts .. or is there splicing and stuff involved

airjeff 01-21-2020 04:48 PM

From the looks of those pictures and part numbers there is no splicing needed, all plug and play.

Nice work bleedgreen forever! I knew those parts existed, but hadn't tried to figure out the part numbers.

bleedgreen forever 01-26-2020 05:24 PM

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No splicing required with those parts. Plug the 2 plug adapter into where the hand warmers plug into the main harness now. Both hand warmers plunged into the adaptor and I plugged the thumb warmer into the empty plug next to the adapter. You need the extension harness because the lead on the thumb warmer is to short. Doing this the thumb warmer is controlled by the switch the hand warmers are.

LACAPRA125 01-27-2020 10:37 AM

yes thank you i did it last weekend took a whole 5 minutes if that works beatiful. this should of came from factory not sure why we have to spend another 60.00 on a sled that went up over 1000.00 in the last two yrs. the only issue im having is the thumbwarmer pad sticking on the throttle lever maybe ill expoxy

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