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Originally Posted by Muskegocat View Post
Why wasn't the planes that landed before / after and the ones that took off before/after were not shot down ...........??????? Makes ya think.
Yeah, makes you think, but have you actually looked up how many there were within this same window? I have, the number of planes in that vicinity at the time of this flight being shot down is 3 with one being an arrival and 2 being departures (1 flight 752) The other two planes were several minutes later (arriving or departing) than flight 752. Undoubtedly they realized what happened and immediately turned off the Russian Air Defense system or there would have been more. But this isnt a busy airport at that time of day, there were only like 12 flights between 4 AM and noon.
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Originally Posted by Stevie-Ray View Post
Oh, come on. Like anybody important listens to that Trudeau wannabe.

I heard Bloomberg badmouthing the economy today. WTF? Does he really think in this incredible economy, his "changes" are going to do anything but put us back in the long slide to Obama hell?
Bloomberg is a living, breathing POS. If that guy gets elected I may actually consider moving.He should be in prison for paying people to push his agendas. He's a shitbag of enormous proportion, and he's the last thing this country needs.
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