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Originally Posted by rmo5095 View Post
My support of Trump is not blind. He has many faults. He should not have disparaged McCain's service. He was a hero. But as a political figure he was no better than anyone else in DC so before you raise a glass to McCain think. I dont think anyone in DC including Trump could work a blue collar job and put food on the table for a family. But, you as well as the media should make true comparisons, I didnt see anyone complaining when Osama obama took Gaddafi out. Although he did try to Kill this Iranian general Soleimani with Pallets of cash. Just so we are clear and i say again Trump has many faults, and most times he is his own worst enemy, But I would take him any day over a racist who claimed to be a community organizer. Of course he is organizing in the "hood" now over on the Vineyard. And if you think using the term "jarhead" is suppose to be disparaging , you really should have spent more time in PI.
I m not trying to compare Trump to MCCann if thatís what youíre thinking. McCann is/was a war hero thatís all I was getting at. While Trump was.... well a draft dodger. Just giving my option as many others on here do. I thought only WM s went to PI :lol3 maybe I should of used leatherneck or devil dog. Semper Fi.
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Originally Posted by dskofich View Post
All you who cheer this shit on .....GO ENLIST motherfuckers

Been there, done that, have the geedunk to prove it.
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Originally Posted by york08 View Post
... he kills the second in command of Iran and says heís not trying to start a war. If Trump bombed a air strip or some jets some tanks.etc or anything or anybody other then the second in command of a country I would believe him.
I have said it before, I will say it again. I am not a Trump fan, but I will say that he is the first president we have had in a while that has a spine. And he is the first politician we have also had in a while that actually tries to follow through on his campaign promises; I don't really approve how he often goes about it. And I think he should just close his Twitter Account.

However, what do you think Qasem Soleimani was up to during his visit to Iraq??? Maybe he was there to deliver a load of books to the girls' orphanage.

Anyone with a brain KNOWS that he was there and up to no good. Do we just let Qasem Soleimani and others like him continue on with the atrocities? And let them and others think they can carry on with terrorism without consequences? Or do we say ENOUGH??? I am a pacifist but, unfortunately, some bullies in this world only respond to a bloody nose or WORSE.

If you ever get a chance, please talk to an Iranian that can actually practice free speech without repercussions. They will give you an earful about Qasem Soleimani the Butcher.
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