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Default High windshields

Looking to upgrade my shield on a 19 renegade enduro.
I will be saddlebagging in Quebec late January leaving each morning in possible -20 temps.
The medium windshield is not enough imo.
I was at a show and saw the grand touring windshield and it looks to offer good protection, but when I went to order I found out it has been discontinued due to problems.
Anybody hear about an issue?
Not worried about looking cool, just want to stay warm.
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I've got the medium to medium high adjustable on my '19 Enduro and I'd highly recommend getting one taller. The adjustable is nice but it's not high enough. Not enough of a difference.
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I have an ultra high adjustable and a non adjustable ultra high, the non adj is a little taller by an inch or two, I'm 5'9 and I can just see over it, don't think my wife/daughters would like it as they will have to look through it, will likely buy a med for those occasions, the adj one works great but is quite heavy and when going over harsh bumps it shakes the whole top console side to side, might not bother some but it bothers me
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plan for colder, jan is when real winter hits quebec and ontario.
Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong, will, at the worst possible moment.
Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist.
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I can attest if you ride loops from relais 22 north or west it can get down to -40 at that time of year. I never rode up there with anything less than a tall windshield. -20 is considered a heat wave.
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there's high and ultra high right from Doo
5hp down and pinned right to the bar
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