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no its something to do with the heat shield. At first service they had to replace it because it was cracked. After that the noise was gone. Its not the clutch..
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Originally Posted by eastmark View Post
....and for $17,000. Thats a pisser right there.

With all your quality processes, Get it right Yamaha ! They are so good at all they design and build from electronics to generators to bikes to musical instruments and all and cant make a clutch that doesnt rattle. It is a known issue.
When that bitch starts to build boost you forget aaaaaaall about that small little noise. Non issue for me but then again I've listened to Yamaha 4 stroke clutches since 03'.
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I get it. I run a Cat 1100 turbo. Its awesome...but of course its not perfect. BOV noise is probably more than the Yami clutch rattle.

Clutch noise just feels like something that can be solved easier than going on multiple model years by a company like Yamaha. How complicated can it be ? Their engineers need to get their shit together on that.

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had the same problem with my zr9000. Took it to dealer on warranty and of coarse they fixed nothing. In the summer i pulled the hood and found a loose heat sheild. I rerivited it and its quiet now. Mine would make the noise at 5000 rpm. Would drive me crazy.
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