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Default Weight of new Sidewinder

Does anyone know what the new Sidewinder weighs? Difference between old turbo weight? thanx!!
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my spec sheet on the Sidewinder xtx Le 137 shows 582 lbs.
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Originally Posted by budman 1000 View Post
my spec sheet on the Sidewinder xtx Le 137 shows 582 lbs.
I hope not. That's heavier than the old ones. The old 129" were around 548lbs dry and the new ones are suppose to be 15 or so pounds lighter.
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I believe there is a reason that everywhere you look the weight column usually has an n/a in it. But if it is properly balanced and centralized it makes all the difference in the world, looking forward to seeing some out on the snow, awesome to think you can buy a sled of this performance level with a warranty!��
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A guy posted a video weighing his new 2017 'Cat Thundercat (essentially the same sled as the S.W) with two gallons of gas and full fluids it came in at 615lbs. With a full tank it would be 655lbs.
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