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Default 2up seat option for sidewinder

Thinking of snow checking a LTX-LE. Does anyone have any info on availability of a two up seat option for this sled. I've looked at website and dealer doesn't see anything. Somebody at sneak peak said cat had something, but I couldn't find anything there either.
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From my experience, there will be either a Manu one or some after market one, but just know these suspensions are not made for two and you will feel a lot of bottoming out.
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They haven't changes the chassis, so I'm guessing the Viper / ProCross stuff works. Check out the aftermarket, Titan Touring seat.

Titan Touring 2-Up Seat

Some of the Yamaha dealers don't even bother carrying the Viper 2 up OEM seat because it's more money, requires drilling out and replacing a bunch of rivets, has no storage, and no lights. For more money.

The Titan is absolutely awesome, everybody that's tried one loves it. No, I don't work for them, I just really like them, and am totally disappointed with the Yamaha offering for the money.
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I have one of these on my viper, works great, easier install than Yamaha seat and cheaper. I will be installing it on my Sidewinder
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How much is the titan seat?
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