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calltrex 12-17-2018 10:39 PM

Lima Project
Welcome to the Lima Project!

:pointlaugh: Lima is Spanish for Lime!

2019 Swtichback Assault 850

144 Track with 2" paddles

Lime everything

Will list all parts I can here I install

Arctic Cat Tether adaptor harness http://www.catzass.net
Magnetic Arctic Cat 2 stroke Tether #8639-074
Extra Tall windshield Polaris #2883078
850 12v harness Power kit http://www.catzass.net
850 12V Power connector kit http://www.catzass.net
850 Tether Kit http://www.catzass.net
Secondary Bearing- http://www.catzass.net
Secondary Shims .060 each http://www.catzass.net
Primary Shim kit - http://www.catzass.net
Loctite Moly paste 51048
Gripper Skis - Polaris #2877679-070
HD Rubbers- https://www.duraprousa.com/products/dampener-polaris
Dual Carbides- woodys DP4-1300
Easy Tile rubber - Home Depot About $12 for pack of 10
Nipple covers- KTM dealer clutch nipple covers
swaybar - 5/16 pin from auto parts store
Front Monarch bumper - Polaris 2883681-630
Ultimate Skidplate - Polaris 2880383-630
Up north adaptor plate- http://upnorthtechnologies.com/shop/...r-bracket-kit/
Rear wheel adjuster spacers Polaris #5137152
Clutch alignment tool polaris tool # PS-51607
Skinz Knee Pads # PCKP600-BK
Intake seal - Polaris # 2206045
Handguards Polaris # 2879192
Handguard Mounts Polaris # 2880939
Handlebar storage bag Polaris # 2880971
Mid Gloss windshield Polaris # 2882058
Rear Extreme Bumper Polaris # 2881941-458
Tall windshield Polaris # 2880394
Clutch Remover Polaris #2872085
Loctite Moly paste 51048
RCA new 850 complete cord Polaris #2883824
Kodiak Light bar 7" https://kodiakled.com/single-row/
Ram 6" arm Part# RAM-B-201U-C
Ram Bar mount Part# RAM-B-231ZU
Ram Gopro mount Part# RAP-B-202U-GOP1
Ram extend Joint Part# RAM-B-230
Session 5 gopro cam
Burandt Grizzly Handguards https://www.burandtsbackcountryadven...izzly-gauntlet
Double Light Bar - https://kodiakled.com/
Bar mounts RAM-B-231ZU
Socket arm RAM-B-201U-A
Balls RAP-B-379U-M81208
RSI stop switch KS-1-Black
Tapp USB- https://www.3brpowersports.com/products.php
Tapp seal cap- https://www.3brpowersports.com/products.php
Pull start handle rubber Part#5414288
2020 temp sensor Part# 2208359
Cobra cord pull rope https://www.cobrapullcords.com/produ...ile-cobra-cord
charger port https://fortnine.ca/en/tecmate-optim...nt-panel-mount
LED under lights https://www.boogeylights.com/66-led-...ity-light-kit/
Lime spray paint i used - Key Lime from Home Depot


calltrex 12-17-2018 10:42 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Unloaded off truck :buttrock:

Ill unwrap it tomorrow



Doberman1 12-18-2018 02:12 AM

This should be interesting :thumbsup:

WNYSledder091 12-18-2018 02:56 AM

Cant wait to see the build! I pick up my new Assault 850 this week

jptbay 12-18-2018 05:55 AM

I knew you couldn't resist!

My new one should be showing up this week too.

calltrex 12-18-2018 07:57 AM

You guys are prob wondering what the hell "Lima" is

Its Spanish for .... :whistle:


razor16 12-18-2018 08:26 AM

Could it be a LOUD colour, haha. I got mine yesterday too.:fluffy: I'm looking forward to this build, your black scorpion project rocked. Congrats on healing up enough to tackle the new season.:bc2:

LIMESQUEEZE 12-18-2018 09:45 AM


snowtime 12-18-2018 02:34 PM

Ship it back, according to facebook the pistons are junk and this engine will explode in under 2000 miles :D

Lid2 12-18-2018 03:15 PM

And the suspension sucks,seats to hard, bars are not right , etc. good news is they all come with “HOT” ecus. Lol. Have fun.

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