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Default Any serious problems with 2013 Indy 600?

Indy owners..what have been the problems with 2013 Indy 600s? Thanks Guys.
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Originally Posted by BleedGreenAK View Post
Indy owners..what have been the problems with 2013 Indy 600s? Thanks Guys.
Its a great machine . a little soft on the rear if your heavy get the stiffer springs or the sp model .
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i have the sp the rear end needs some help shocks revalved and different track other then that no issues.
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Default INDY 600'S

After looking at the changes they did to the 2014 indy's you would be crazy not to just pick up a 2013 at killer prices rite now,base model 600 only change is seat and side panel color,it still has the old style iq bars without hooks and the iq style skis and .91 shockwave track and ryde fx non rebuildable shocks,the sp model same ,only seat ,rear wheel kit,and color of sled changes,wish they would have put the 1.25 shockwave track on the sp model instead of the hacksaw,i think this is going to be a zero issue sled,keep belt deff snug on it,check chain tens and oil level from getgo and your good to go,fuel map seems great no flat spots or hesitation at all,very fun sled on trail.HEMI

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I got my Indy (base) 2 weeks ago.. Put on 600km and I'm really really happy I bought it. I came from a 2007 Renegade 1000 and I do not miss it at all.

The indy is quick for a 600, I raced my buddies 03 MXZ 800 and left him in the dust. Also raced a 2012 XF and gave him a hard time until about 50mph. The indy feels very light, you can throw it around off trail very easily!

The only mod i did was put on a 1.75" BackCountry track, it made this sled an unreal boondocker. I also just took it on a trip in the mountains where there was 5-6feet of snow. It climbed very well for a short track.

The only complaint I have is poor snow removal from the running boards. It would need some slots cut into them. The handlebar hooks also need to be added.

I'm 170lbs and the rear suspension does just fine for me on Medium setting.

I paid 7700$ taxes in out the door. I could not complain AT ALL!

I couldn't justify the 1000+ for the SP model. I can build up mine better than the SP for that price.
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Great sled, no problems with mine so far. In tight trails you can throw it around with confidence and keep up with the group without a problem. Do not like the track at all. If you keep the stock track (which I did) put studs in it or it will fish tail on loose powder trails. When you take price in consideration, you can live with the track. Remember if you stud it you have to add to the exsisting tunnel guards. Only stud down the center on this sled would be suggested.
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I am also very happy w/ the base model. There are a few things that need to be done to get it where I want it. I don't like the handlebars. I am going to order the sp bars and grips and swap them out ($65 for the bar, $28 for the grips). New track or studs,(not sure which one yet) from what it sounds like, neither track is ideal. Bergstrom triple points and shims are a must for me. I'm 230 and the rear is doing ok for now, but we'll see. The front suspension is where its at with the Indy. It is very forgiving and predictable once set up right. If you like to tinker and mod like me, get the '13 base for a smoking deal and make it your own. Unbelievable sled for the price. Make sure to completely go over it when you get it home. I didn't, and the dealer never filled the chain case and ended up needing new sprockets and chain(covered under warranty)
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No problems here. For myself my unsp needed better shocks. No much else worth complaining about. Its an awesome ride!
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Don't forget to add stud protectors if you're going to run studs.
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Originally Posted by XCR1250 View Post
Don't forget to add stud protectors if you're going to run studs.
2003 700 XCsp, 136" stretch, PERC, SLP Single
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