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Default 2013 Indy 600 issues?

Second ride on our 2013 Indy, 150 miles and noticed left front spring snapped in two. Not happy, dropping it off at the dealer tomorrow. Anyone else?
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Suspension spring? Wow...never seen something like that happen before.... on any brand sled
If it aint broke....make it FASTER!
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Originally Posted by Indyhead View Post
Suspension spring? Wow...never seen something like that happen before.... on any brand sled
x2, never heard of a front shock spring breaking either.

Guess with the number of springs (or any part for that matter) made, there's that chance of a bad one.
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Yes xcsp, that's a rare one! I wouldn't expect that to happen and I'm sure you'll not break another one. Just a flaw in the metal. Get her fixed a ride on hard with no worries.
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