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Default Arctic Cat Co-Brands 2013 Youth 120 Snowmobile for Yamaha

Released today:

Arctic Cat Co-Brands 2013 Youth 120 Snowmobile for Yamaha

2013 Yamaha SRX 120 Manufactured in Thief River Falls, MN


Thief River Falls, MN – For the 2013 model year, Arctic Cat will be co-branding their Youth 120 model snowmobile with the Yamaha Motor Corporation.
Arctic Cat will manufacture the Yamaha SRX 120 in their Thief River Falls, MN factory per Yamaha’s specifications, but the snowmobile will be based off the popular Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120 platform.
Arctic Cat’s Snow Division General Manager, Brad Darling said, “This partnership makes perfect sense for our companies as we’ve been buying Yamaha’s 123cc 4-stroke engine for our Sno Pro 120 since 2009.”
The easy-to-start, fan-cooled, 123cc, 4-stroke engine found in the 120 is easy to manage for parents, yet is extremely fun to operate for the Youth rider. Wrapped in a package with bold graphics and color combinations, the 120 will instill a lifelong snowmobiling passion into Youth riders.
Darling goes on to say, “Snowmobile consumers are extremely brand loyal, so we don’t see this partnership cannibalizing any of our current Sno Pro 120 sales. Instead, the SRX120 will attract an added number of Yamaha youth to the industry. Any time we can be a part of growing the snowmobile industry, it’s a good thing.”
Arctic Cat Inc., based in Thief River Falls, MN, designs, engineers, manufactures and markets all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles under the Arctic Cat® brand name, as well as related parts, garments and accessories. Its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the ticker symbol “ACAT.” More information about Arctic Cat and its products is available on the Internet at Arctic Cat.
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Hoping a Polaris motor will hold up is like voting for Obama... it's ranbows & fairy dust... hope & change
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Wow, this 800 RUSH PRO R dude needs to get a life. Seriously dude, give it up.
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Thats cause most of the Poo guys are a bunch of whiny bitches, unlike you cat guys
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Facts are facts the 800 Polaris has 20 less hp
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cute sled
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Yeah, my dealer told me about the 120 engine thing earlier this week - I never knew that. Of course, one can't help but wonder if there's more to come.... A Yamaha engine in a Cat chas.... awe, never mind. Anyway, it certainly wouldn't be the first time Cat has used shared technology agreements.
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i'd prefer if cat never even mentioned the word yamaha
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that's great news for me, my blk 12 apex should be here tonight and my ac wrap will be ready on monday..........stay tuned
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Unfortunately,it just looks like a blue zr120,,nothing even resembles a yamaha on the outside anyway....
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Does that come in a turbo?
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How about an 1100T in a Nytro! Yup works for me!!!
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hey look a blue arctic cat......wierd!!!
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Originally Posted by tommcat View Post
i'd prefer if cat never even mentioned the word yamaha
This is just the beginning. The 2 companies will be merging soon. Introducing the all new YAMACAT! (fit and finish will be top notch)
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