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They get big rebates from the manufacturer to do that but they are supposed to have the sled available as a demo to customers. This big rebates happen in end of Feb always.
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LOL was looking at a Nytro at Hully Gully, they had a used one but the sales girl say no its not used its a "demo" LOL comon the thing had 850 kms on it used!!
jeezuzz that thing smells!
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Originally Posted by 1100saber View Post
Exactly, most if not all dealers around here do it
And if I a guy buys a sled in the states, and trys to get it serviced ,these same dealers tell him to beat it.
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Yes, I see this at car dealers all the time, and it pisses me off to no end. As far as I,m concerned, it should not be allowed. It is either new, or used. A demo usally takes more of a beating than a regular sled, kinda like a rental car. The only time I see that working for us Canadians, is if we want to bring a used sled back to Canada from the states. Ones can be found with very few miles on them, but then we got no warranty in Canada. WTF. Try trading in a slightly used sled with half the miles on it that are on the demo sled, and see what they offer you for it. It will shock you. In my mind, most sled dealers are on the same trust level as car salesman. Most are not to be trusted, only the odd one
is honest and fair. JMO, of course.
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