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I noticed mine were worn more in the area right below where the float 2 shock mounts to the bottom of the skid. There's about a 6 inch stretch that is noticeably more worn than the rest of the hyfax. I got a set of graphite slides from the dealer that are not arctic cat branded. He said they would work much better and it's what they use on their race sleds (ice). I have about 900 miles on them in good snow conditions. Besides the 6 inch stretch that's worn out more, the rest of the hyfax are almost half worn out.
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Originally Posted by mrterceira View Post
850 miles in good snow conditions and I've gone through two sets of hyfax. Dealer is still looking into it.
Cat and Yamaha dealer for 17 years we rarely never change hyfax on cat as much as 12,000 miles and still good yamaha on they other hand change them all the time and they still have the same problem today .Yes this year cats are burning slides 350 mile mine were done, but the idler junk wheel went first that dont help that is the price we are paying now for having a light weight sled ,I bet you these sled next year will be at least 20lb heavier with more idlers and gosset fot the tunnel ect, ect.Gene#36.
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400 miles on first set. Got 1200 miles now and second set gone to.
Was in copper harbour this weekend snowed all day everyday.
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I've put 500 miles on my sled and the hyfax is still pretty good. I think i can get 1000 miles out of a set. My Doo was no better. I'm riding in norther Michigan.

I think you guys are running the tracks way to tight. I'm running mine at 1.5 inch at 20 lbs. No ratcheting with that set up for me. But I haven't done any hole shots with the sled.
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Originally Posted by 2012procross800 View Post
If you did not want to start anything. Then you should have said nothing.I have been riding the same area for the past 15 yrs. I know where every hump,bump,brook or stream is. I have owned 5 sleds in the 15 yrs I have been riding in my area. I rode in the coldest weather. And the warmest weather. I never experianced temp lights or hyfax ware in 400 miles. If u took the time too read my other post on the temp light, you will see that I'm not the only one. Hyfax ware is one of two things. Lack of snow or poor set up. This sled has a poor set up. I'm asking for help on a fix. Not asking why this is happening. Along with alot of other people! Cheers!
You are correct the sled is hard on hyfax,I have had the Temp light on also.I was the looser that had to pull over and remove the Ice out of the tunnel and let the engine cool while the other 5 sleds waited for me.
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Are they wearing beyond the "wear mark" or are you replacing them because they are at that point? I ask b/c I have had them wear rapidly to that point then go another 1000+ miles before needing replaced. I am over 1700 miles and they are worn just shy of the wear mark but I am not going to replace them "yet" I will watch them for sure, but hoping they stay at the current mark.
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Is this common to a particular track? Looks like a lot of XF's with 1.5" lugs and the rest are Ripsaw 1.25.

Just wondering... I had a Cobra 2-ply installed on mine... clipped every other window. Same track on my '08 F8 and didn't wear hyfax out in 4 years and 5200 miles.

I've only ridden 150+ miles, but mine look fine... for now. Did get it hot running on a road (solid ice).
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1.5 Cobra track on mine.I am usually off trail but heading to a spot we had to run a plowed road and it seems the sled is very touchy there.I understand it was a plowed fire road what should I expect?Well two RMKs and a Summit had no problems.The smell was from my sled and I was the only one with the temp light on.
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Mine were wore out at 150 miles,a 8 inch stretch behind the front outside wheels almost all the way through to rail.Went to AC dealer bought a extra set of wheels and mount kit also bought longer bolts to put on were the inside bogey wheels are and mounted them there so now i have 4 going across the track at same spot. Have 375 on new slides no wear now.If u pm ur e mail i can send pics.

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Just order 2 mounts that are like your front inside mounts to add 2 more wheels under the middle skid shock(holes are predrilled already). Dealers has everything. Order 2 outside front mounts like the XF has an place them like the XF. You'll have to run to the hardware store to get 5" bolts to run through the front outside an inside mount for wheels. PPD wheels from a Marshall Dealer are best, but you can use Cat wheels the same that's on the sled now. Ran 300 miles of low snow an rocky conditions an had really no slide wear. The biggest need is wheels under the middle skid shock. AC drilled the holes already an probably knew you'll need them there. They had them on previous years there.
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