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Default ECU/CCU info

ECU and CCU trouble codes

ECU Diagnostic Codes - 4-Stroke
Code Trouble
1 Failure in the fuel system.
2 Failure in injector (PTO).
3 Failure in injector (MAG).
4 Failure in barometric pressure sensor.
5 Open or short circuit in intake manifold air temperature sensor.
6 Open or short circuit in water temperature sensor.
7 Open or short circuit in throttle position sensor.
8 Open or short circuit in manifold air pressure sensor.
9 Failure in crankshaft position sensor.
11 Failure in speed sensor.
12 Failure in coil (MAG).
13 Failure in coil (PTO).
14 Failure in ISC valve.
15 Failure in oxygen sensor.
19 Failure in camshaft position sensor.
21 Failure in knock sensor.
22* Failure in coil (PTO secondary).
23* Failure in coil (MAG secondary).
25 Failure in shifting system/gear position switch.
OCTN* Low octane gasoline.

CCU 32:High power DC output over current.
Headlight and Hand Warmer (Red/Black) circuit current greater than 20 Amps.

CCU 33:High power DC output shorted.
Headlight and Hand Warmer (Red/Black) circuit shorted to ground.

CCU 34:Low power DC output over current.
Gauge, Taillight, and APV Servo Power (Red/Blue) circuit current greater than 20 Amps.

CCU 35:Low power DC output shorted.
Gauge, Taillight, (Red/Blue) circuit shorted to ground.

CCU 37:System over voltage.
Spike in battery voltage - excessive gear case shifting.

CCU 38:Gear shift actuator failure.
Wires to reverse actuator damaged or shorted to ground.

CCU 42:Tachometer input failure (engine running
- no tachometer signal present).
Tachometer signal wire shorted to ground.

CCU 43:Gear position switch failure.
Gear position switch damaged or unplugged - reverse actuator not working correctly.

CCU 44:CCU over temperature.
Internal CCU temperature over 105 C (221 F).

Info provided by KROM
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