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Thought I would share last years project with everyone, My Kids were complaining how bad the Equinox rode so I took on a little engineering project and put the front suspension off a 2003 Edge on it, Backwards This thing rides unbelievably good now, it literally just floats down the trail.

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that rocks!
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Good job.
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thats awesome, I bet if you could do the conversion cost effectively you could have MORE work than you ever dreamed.
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WOW! That is really cool.

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Neat idea! And very well executed too

I've seen a couple attempts at similar sleds here, but those have been crude and heavy in comparison, and had the IFS installed "the right way"
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Cool - a true trailing arm design. I always thought Poo should have called their early IFS a "leading arm"!
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Thats Friggen Awesome, Great Job~!
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Thank you for your kind comments! The concept was something I just could not let go of Designing it to work correctly was a major challenge, I tried making my own mounting plate for the radius rods and shocks, and it just kept looking like the stock bulkhead, so I went with one of those and just worked around positioning the setup to fully function and keep the CG as low as possible. The mounting points all ended up in the correct orientation as they were on the doner sled, except I tipped it all back a bit to keep the spindles as straight up and down as possible. Skis worked perfect and the steering tied back to the bulkhead fairly easily. All adjustments were made to specs I got from member thinksno. After I welding it all up I had the frame sandblasted by my buddy at SS Stripping and E-coated from one of our vendors at work. I need to take some more pictures of the LED lighs on it. The whole thing can run off a 9 volt battery for at least 24 hrs, those LED's are amazing! To get the brake lights to work, I did tie into the sled.

I would love to see a category started for this type of unit??? I bet there are some really cool tow behinds floating around out there.

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That is without a doubt one of the coolest things I've seen for a "cutter" ... NICE WORK!!! :beer_cheers:
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