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Default Sno Pro Parts & Race Gear For Sale!!!

The following is my current list of Arctic Cat Sno Pro parts and racing gear that I have for sale. To keep it simple, all prices include U.S. Shipping Only, unless stated otherwise. For payment I accept check or money order. Please ONLY email me directly at: or P.M. me directly, otherwise I may not see it. Thank You!

1- New set of 2 490 main jets at $5 shipped.

1- Nice, used Sno Pro 600 stock exhaust silencer can/resonator at $75 shipped. (new list price is $257)

1- Set of left & right side Sno Pro 600 black vinyl fuel tank side covers at $20 shipped.(These are ‘09 take offs and new list price is $48 per set)

1- New ‘08-’11 Sno Pro 600 #0627-070 drive belt at $145 shipped. (list is $165)

1- Very nice used ‘08-’11 Sno Pro 600 #0627-070 drive belt at $85 shipped. (Same belt # as above, only just broken-in and race/trail ready!)

1- New ‘06-’07 Sno Pro 600 Mod/440’s with updated clutching #0627-059 drive belt at $75 shipped. (list price is $150)

3- Good, used #0627-059 drive belts at $85 shipped for all 3! (Same belt as above, 1 is broken-in/race ready & other 2 are great practice/trail use belts.)

1- New Dayco Ultimax 3 racing drive belt at $55 shipped. (direct replacement belt for 440’s , but stronger/longer lasting. List price is over $70.)

1- Good, used stock 440 Sno Pro #0627-010 drive belt at $25 shipped.

1- New Black Magic Racing HeartTrob Arctic Cat 550-580 clutch kit at $25 shipped. (Includes a B.M. 10 helix and B.M. Black/Yellow primary clutch spring.)

1- New take-off pair of Sno Pro 600 stock black primary and stock black secondary clutch spring at $25 shipped for both.

1- Very nice used Speedwerx Racing H-5 alloy Blue/ 165-310 rate primary clutch spring at $25 shipped. (new list is $40 and they work awesome on all Sno Pro race sleds.)

1- Very nice used set of Speedwerx R2/ 67.5 gram clutch weights with New bushings at $60 shipped. (Over $100 new with bushings & they work awesome in the 800’s.)

1- New complete stock ‘08-’11 Sno Pro 600 swaybar kit at $80 shipped.

2- New Sets of ’08-’11 Sno Pro 500/600 black left and right side panels at $325 shipped per set. (list is $225 per side!) Note: No decals, foam, or hardware is included.

1- Like New Sno Pro 600 X-country 10 tooth/2.52 pitch complete track drive shaft assy. at $230 shipped. (List is $335 and this take-off one was only used for 20 minutes!)

1- Nice shape, Custom black/white ‘08 Sno Pro 600 seat cover only at $85 shipped. (Note: Has 2 snaps plus Velcro per side to attach it unlike ‘09-’11 ones that have 5 snaps per side, but you can modify it to fit any year as needed.)

1- Good used ‘08-’11 Sno Pro 600 Clear 7 gallon fuel tank at $60 (pick-up Only!)

1- New black Moto Concepts Moto-X bike stand at only $65 shipped. (Also works great to prop up front end of sleds to work on front suspension ,ski alignment, etc. )

1 New set of ‘09-’11 Sno Pro 600 pistons & rings kit at $200 shipped. (list is over $250.)

2- New sets of 2 Sno Pro X-country/trail Low snow idler wheels with mounts/hardware at $55 shipped per kit or $100 shipped for both kits.

1- New Sno Pro 500/600 4 piece hood & belly pan side FrogSkinz screens kit at $35 shipped. (These work awesome to keep out snow/debris without loosing airflow!)

1- Really nice used pair of black C&A Pro XT Racing skis with A.C. mounts, but no carbides at $265 shipped. (New price is over $400 with-out mounts even.)

1- Used set of 2 black C&A Pro race ski loops only at $25 shipped. (They have racing scars, but are in good shape otherwise, and new list price is over $25 Each.)

1- New set of 2 green SLP Powder Pro racing ski loops at $25 shipped. (Includes mounting hardware.)

1- Nice used ‘05-’07 Sno Pro Mod black front air intake snap-on/Velcro-on screen & also a pair of both front Velcro-on side screens at $55 shipped for all of it. (Note: front screen has some very tiny holes here and there, but do not affect anything / no tearing at all.)

1- New ‘06-’07 440 Sno Pro /600 Mod rear suspension front arm slide axle w/bushings assembly at $30 shipped. (List is $50 and part# is 1704- 380.) Common part to bend!

1- New Sno Pro Borg Warner 72 pitch/13 wide chain at only $50 shipped. (List price is over $100.)

2- New Sno Pro Borg Warner 74 pitch/15 wide chains at only $60 shipped each. (List price each is over $100.)

1- New Sno Pro Borg Warner 72 pitch/15 wide chain at only $60 shipped. (List price is over $100.)

1- Very Nice used Sno Pro Borg Warner 17 wide Complete Sno-X gears & chain set. (Includes 74 pitch/17 wide chain, 46 tooth/17 wide bottom gear, & 20 tooth/17 wide top gear.) All of it is in awesome shape and only $100 Shipped for the entire set-up!

1- Nice used Sno Pro Borg Warner Aluminum (Super lightweight & strength treated) 46 tooth/17 wide bottom gear at only $40 shipped. (List new is over $100 and this would work great with the above 17 wide setup, so I would combine it all for only $125 shipped!)

3- Used Sno Pro Borg Warner 46 tooth bottom SLIP gears. (2 are good & 1 needs internals rebuilt.) New list is over $150 Each, but you can buy all 3 for only $75 shipped.

I also have the following nice used Sno Pro/Firecat Non- Borg Warner gears: 1- 19 tooth/15 wide top gear, 1- 40 tooth/ 13 wide bottom gear , and 1- 39 tooth/13 wide bottom gear. All priced at $15 shipped each.

The following is what I have for racing gear/ equipment:

1- Very Nice Sno-X Racing Tekvest Pro-Lite in size Adult Small (Est. 130-150 lb. rider) at $225 shipped. (It has only been used twice, and new list price is over $400.)

1- New EVS Revolution 4 Grey Adult size Moto-X chest protector at $55 shipped. (List price is $69.)

1- Like New, used Once EVS black RC2 racing neck collar at $30 shipped. (new list is $40 and these are getting to be a must have for racing some circuits!)

1 New set of FLY Racing black Moto-Knee guards/bracing at $45 shipped. (List price is $50 and these have good hinge-style support braces, plus they even form-fit left and right leg.)

1- Like New, used Once set of black Shift Knee/shin guards at $24 shipped.
Now back to parts, I also have lots of small misc. new and used ‘04-’09 Sno Pro parts such as: Front susp.bearings, bushings, idler arm support brace, shock pivot, rail end caps, rear transfer block, slider blocks, spacer blocks, 440 carb boot, axle carriages, ski bumpers/ ski bumper plates, hood pins/clips, etc. so feel free to ask if you are looking for something specific and maybe I can help!

Finally I have a few ‘02-’03 era Sno Pro / Firecat parts such as: 1- good used coolant bottle with cap and hoses at $22 shipped, 1- New Sno Pro jackshaft assembly at $35 shipped, and 2- New /Updated steering posts at $30 shipped each.

Again, Please Only email me direct at : or P.M. me direct. Thanx!
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I also have a Brand New 11 Gallon Clear fuel tank for the '08-'11 Sno Pro 600's that I have decided to sell. Price is $275 and pick-up only as shipping is super expensive on these. (List price from A.C. is well over $300 with tax so it's a good price.)
Thank You!
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Does that 39 tooth gear you have for sale fit a 2009 600 sno pro? Whats the inner spleen how many teeth is it?
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No, that gear would not work in your sno pro as the inside spines are not the same. Thanx though!

Here is what I have SOLD so far:

The 11 gallon clear tank, the used 070 belt, both Sno pro 500/600 screen kits, the stock black primary clutch spring, the '08 sno pro custom black/white seat cover,all of the low snow wheels kits, the 10 tooth X-c driveshaft assy., the 72 pitch/13 wide chain, the 3 used 059 belts, the 490 jets, the green slp loops, and the fuel tank side covers.

Thank You buyers!
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I am open to reasonable offers on the Sno Pro side panel sets and the racing gear that I have left. The Sno Pro side panels sets would be a lot cheaper too if picked up! Thanx!
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