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I have a 2007 Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS 600 H.O. SDI with 3,249 miles on it being completely parted out. Everything must go! The prices I have listed are numbers I came up with in my head, as well as looking at Ingles Performance Parts Fiche. Let me know if any prices are out of line, and I will try to work with you. Also, these prices are including shipping at no extra cost. I need to move this stuff, so let me know what you need!

I will only go by PM’s. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! I will also be checking back on this topic, continually updating what’s left and for how much. Everything is being shipped from either Elma, NY 14059 on the weekends or Alfred, NY 14802 during the week while I am at college.

PayPal only or local pick-up.

Here’s what is for sale. If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to PM me or email me at telling me what you need:

SOLD><strike>X-RS/440 shocks. Rebuilt & re-valved stiffer at 1,555 miles by Ian. He also added stainless steel braided hoses with a bigger I.D. for better flow. They have about another 1,650 miles on them since he rebuilt them. They could be freshened up. Asking $1,250 for all 4</strike>

SALE PENDING>Entire SC4 skid minus the shocks. Rails were powder coated wet black by Ian, and the rail stiffeners were done in hot pink. Asking $325

SOLD><strike>Upper a arms powder coated hot pink by Ian. Asking $150</strike>

SOLD><strike>Original X-RS hood, MINT, with all hardware. Asking $250</strike>

X-RS/440 gripper seat with SOLD><strike>rear plastic/tail light.</strike> Asking $350

3 sets of body panels. SOLD><strike>1 yellow set with X-RS decals, “666” on number plate</strike>. 1 yellow set with ’07 440 decals, “Fourwerx Customs” on
number plate, one scuff on the right panel, not too noticeable. 1 black set with ’07 440 decals, right side decals with the Techno Bee have some chipping. Asking $160 for each set.

3 front bumpers, SALE PENDING ON RED>1 red, SOLD><strike>1 black</strike>, SOLD><strike>1 yellow. </strike> Asking $70 each

SOLD><strike>Tricked Toys 5 spoke billet idler wheels, 2 rear 180mm 6065 bearings, 2 mid, with 1,650 WNY miles on them. Some light scuffs/chips. Asking $185</strike>

Camoplast RipSaw 121”x15”x1.25” 2.52” pitch track with 3,200 miles. Some fraying, torn lugs. Asking $225

2007 600 H.O. SDI engine, 3,249 miles, never a problem, strong runner. Asking $2,000

Bent tunnel in the rear. Asking $500 PLUS shipping

<strike>Headlight. Asking $120</strike>

SOLD><strike>Cracked ’07 440 lexan hood. Asking $30</strike>

Roller secondary clutch. Asking $125

SALE PENDING>Rear cooler. Asking $150

SALE PENDING>Clear 10.6 gallon clear tank. Asking $100

SOLD><strike>Stock pipe. Asking $100</strike>

Stock silencer with hole for temp. sensor. Asking $75

Stock y pipe. Asking $65

SPI ceramic coated pipe. Asking $275

SOLD><strike>SPI ceramic coated silencer. Asking $175</strike>

SOLD><strike>Yellow fishbone tunnel braces. Asking $40
SOLD><strike>Low X-RS/440 amber windshield. Asking $50</strike>

Nun with 440 reinforcements. <<<CRACKED BY THE SILENCER BRACE, BEHIND REAR UPPER A ARM MOUNT!!! Asking <strike>$180</strike>B/O

SOLD><strike>2 nose cones, 1 blue, 1 black. Asking $25 each</strike>

SOLD><strike>Belly pan aluminum support. Asking $10</strike>

Upper cross member. Asking $75

Steering stem. Asking $65

Stock X-RS riser 4.5”. Asking $40

SOLD><strike>440 handle bars, with grips/heat elements</strike>, SOLD><strike>440 kill switch, 440 light switch, 440 RER. Asking $200
SOLD><strike>440 aluminum throttle block w/440 throttle lever. Asking $50
440 extruded ski spindles. Asking $175

Front heat exchanger. Asking $175

Wave brake rotor. Asking $75

Brake caliper. Asking $75

440 foot well braces. Asking $35

440 snow flaps, SOLD><strike>one mint</strike>, one torn and zip-tied with damaged decal. Asking $60 & $30

440 mid tunnel reinforcements, the ones under the tunnel, I have 2 sets. Asking $20 each

SOLD><strike>Black 440 center console. Asking $30</strike>

SOLD><strike>Blue X-RS center console. Asking $45</strike>

Gauge cluster. Asking $50

SOLD><strike>Amber wind deflectors. Asking $15</strike>

Speedometer. Asking $150

Tachometer. Asking $90

SOLD><strike>Billet gas cap. Asking $25</strike>

Billet brake reservoir cover. Asking $15

Billet brake lever, started my rotor on fire first ride out this season…needs to be drilled out a little more to prevent compression on brake pads on the rotor. Asking $20

stock brake lever w/fluid housing, stainless steel braided brake line. Asking $125

SOLD><strike>10T drivers, 2.52" pitch</strike>

Acerbis hand guards w/ Cudney aluminum mounts. Asking $50

Ski-Doo bar pad. Asking $15

Ski-Doo a arm guards w/mounts. hardware is rusty! Asking $30

stock 440 shock hose lines. Asking $25

stock SDI airbox w/ pre-filter material over the stock foam. Asking $40

'07 440 tunnel braces for running boards. Asking $35

clutch guard. Asking $15


anything you do not see here, let me know. i am parting this out as we speak, with my laptop in the garage. let me know what you need so i can take it off and ship a.s.a.p. because i can't work on the sled during the week while i am away at college!!!

PAYPAL preferred!!!

PAH!!! <---it's a way of life.
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PAH!!! <---it's a way of life.
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wondering if u still have the tach and speedo and wondering if that would fit an 2005 600 h.o.
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no sorry....pretty much everything is just about sold...just a few knick-knacks is all that's left

PAH!!! <---it's a way of life.
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track still for sale?
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You still have a headlight assembly?
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track, no. headlight with a broken mount, yes. B/O

PAH!!! <---it's a way of life.
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you have a ski doo par bad or 2 still?
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do you still have the seat
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