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Default 2011 MXZ TNT 600 Idle

When I stop along the trail my sled usually idles around 3500rpm and surges up and down. At first I thought it might go away after the break in period, but I have over 2300km on it know and it still is doing it. Does any one else have this problem and know how to fix it?

Thanks Kevin
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Default Pilots.

pilot jets clogged my 2010 did it at about 200 miles idle would hang unless I flipped the choke up for a second.
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Its a 2011 take it to the dealer and let them look at it! Its still covered 100% factory warranty is it not? You dont want to mess something up and void your warranty.
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Default x-2

Mine was fixed under warranty
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Mine does this as well(along with a lot of other 600 Carbs). I believe it's called a "Hanging Idle." I just flip my choke for a second to get it to idle down. If it starts creeping back up after that, you might have an air leak(not good). I am going to have my dealer look at it after the season.
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When we had the 500ss engines the dealer changed the jets, and it solved the problem..
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