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Default Studding 2000 600 ZRT

Might pick up a used 600, does this need tunnel protectors? I've had several firecats & never needed protectors for those, just checking. Also, thinking between 96 & 144 picks @ 1.25" Thanks
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It has protectors ,I'm running 144 1.080's.
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If it has a 1" or shorter track I think 1.25" studs are too long. I would use 1.080 or 1.180 at the longest. Peace, beeler
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i tried 1.180 and they scrach my cooler in the front , but it didnt go all the way threw the cooler , i have a 1" track , cat shop told me to change my studs to 1.080 for the track i have , its a stock finger track, and the coolers act as a tunnel protector ,, my sled is a 2002 zrt 600
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The stock track is a 7/8 track on the 2000 ZRT 600. So if you want to stud the stock track a 1" or 1.08" stud is long enough. I've had no issues with my studded track. It has scratched the tunnel a couple times when I bottomed hard with it, but 5500 miles and no major issues.
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