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Default Tips for Newbs...

First post, first sled, first time riding... Looking to get tips on trail etiquette, sage advice and safety beyond the obvious. I hate being "that f'n guy" who doesn't have a clue, but I don't and admit it. I also don't have a network of friends who ride and have resorted to riding alone for the time being.
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All to often I've seen guys trying to hold up there left hand showing how many people are in there group. This is useful but at the same point dangerous if you cant control your sled with your right hand. Also ride the speed your comfortable with not what you think you should be riding because everyone else is pushing their sleds to the limits. Keep your sled mechanically sound nothings worse then riding with a group that has to keep stopping because your sled was neglected. Things break that is normal but at the same time a regular maintenance item should be found before the trail. Dont wine about the trails being to rough. Sure beats looking at your sled on the trailer. Have fun. Snowmobiling is a lot of fun. Be safe and enjoy.
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First, welcome to HCS and the most wonderfully aggravating sport on the planet. Once fully consumed by the sport you will find yourself cursing (out loud) at the weather channel at the mear mention of rain or warm temps in the winter. You are starting off on the right foot for sure by admitting your new and lack experience in the sport, most seem to think once you buy a sled you instantly become Tucker Hibbert ( if you don't know who he is , look him up) and are a genious. This site is full of great tips, advise and if you are mechanically inclined at all will save you a ton of money in service and repairs. The brand specific forums have almost every snag and repair made to a sled from the Elan to the new 4 stroke technology you'll even find somebody to ride with if you look in your area specific forums.
Now go pray for snow, you may have beginners luck cause all us old guys can't seem to get it to snow.
YAMAHA, I may not always get there first----but I ALWAYS get there.:grinning: Happy Sleddin
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Stay right
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Originally Posted by krom View Post
Poo picked up the scraps, and has been on top since.
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Default Tips for Newbs...

If your riding alone it wouldn't be a bad idea to search what essentials you want to carry with you while your out. The basic tools, water, trail mix, phone, lighter etc. few threads on here regarding that.

Make sure to take care of your sled and it will take care of you. Esp regarding carbs/fuel. Drain your carbs at the end of the Season so the gas doesn't gum up and cause problems. Look things over after each ride etc.

Ride with a plan and let someone know where your at. Also if your ditch banging be careful of your surroundings. Rocks come out of nowhere and many other things. Biggest thing have fun!!!

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Originally Posted by WoodDB View Post
First post, first sled, first time riding... Looking to get tips on trail etiquette, sage advice and safety beyond the obvious. I hate being "that f'n guy" who doesn't have a clue, but I don't and admit it. I also don't have a network of friends who ride and have resorted to riding alone for the time being.
Make sure to pack maps or download some onto your phone, or take a gps. You have to know where you are. If riding alone tell someone where you plan to go. Riding on the trail is just like driving your car. Stay to the right and get off to the side if you have to take a break.
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If you are riding alone leave a note for others to see/find as to where you are planning on riding to and roughly what time you think you will be returning to your starting point, put you name and cell phone number on the note.

Stay to the right

If you don't have mirrors on your sled I would suggest getting a wrist mirror so you can see if there are others behind you. If other riders catch up to you, find a safe place to slow down and pull over so they can pass you.

Groomers have the right of way on the trails

Ride with in your comfort zone for speed and trail conditions, don't try to out run your head lights.

Not sure where you live, but post a thread in the forum were you live and ask if anyone is looking for a riding partner or that you are looking for others to ride with around your town.

Click the link below, it's a thread about what people carry with them while out snowmobiling, you don't need all of these items, pick from the list what items you think you would like to carry with you for the area that you will be riding in.

What are you guys carrying on your sleds with you?
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Keep the black side down
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dont take breaks in middle of trail keep a good speed for yourself
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If your riding alone you might want to look into buying a Snobunje- Snowmobile Accessories, Pulling Tools, Trailer Clamps, Avalanche Equipment, GPS, Sledjacks
getting stuck by your self sucks!
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