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Favorite Riding Area: CNY
14-15 Mileage: 3118
13-14 Mileage: 3448
12-13 Mileage: 3211
11-12 Mileage: 3656
10-11 Mileage: 4025
Age: 48
Riding Since: 1845

GF shake head and log back out


There's those who get out and get it while they can and there those who cry about not getting it while it was here!!!

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The Great Cat Defender!
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reply to pms
ac turbo
ac procross
snowest to check the latest broken polaris 800 engine and drivetrain pictures
back here to the gf
Originally Posted by roninsonic
...I will say this, though- I like vagina. A LOT. Unfortunately, I'm also lazy as hell, and whichever path to any particular hoohah requires the least effort on my part... You can be damned sure I'm going to take it.
Originally Posted by backcountryislife View Post
Hoping a Polaris motor will hold up is like voting for Obama... it's ranbows & fairy dust... hope & change
Originally Posted by A05GSHO View Post
Thats cause most of the Poo guys are a bunch of whiny bitches, unlike you cat guys
Originally Posted by 800 RUSH PRO R
Facts are facts the 800 Polaris has 20 less hp
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Riding Since: 1996

Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post

then who knows i check out random chit
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