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Default 1997 xcr 440 rebuild??

hey guys, looking into getting a 97 xcr 440. the guy said his girlfriend was riding it and the motor seized. said only one side is down but he thinks the cylider needs to be redone. I looked on a few parts diagrams and it looks like some parts are hard to come by or simply not available anymore. am I seeing that right? like you can not get a head or it anymore? or cylinders? hoping it doesnt need that much, but want to plan for the worst and know what I am in for. thanks for any and all input! I guess the guy had started to put a 500 fan cat motor in it and decided to sell it instead. I figure I would sell that motor and use the proceeds to repair the 440. whats the point of an xcr with a cat fan in it lol!
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According to the Parts finder the cylinders are no longer available from Polaris, neither is the head. The base and head gaskets are available and so are the pistons and rings as well as wrist pins and wrist pin bearings.

If the cylinder isn't too damaged then it can be repaired by one of several different cylinder repair shops.
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I may have a few 97 cylinders up in the attic. They were brand new leftovers, but I may have sold them all. I will check tomorrow.
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thanks guys! so anything I should be looking for? and what sort of price would I be looking at to get the cylinder replated?? he said she overheated it and blew the piston. whats else do I look for?? if all goes to plan I would be trading an old cb750 bike for it, so hopefully would end up with a cheap red rocket!
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anyone? what should I look for as to damage to the jug, other than simple scoring. any ideas the cost to replate one of these jugs? thanks again!!
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I think I have a good head and cover if you need one. I built my own 98 XCR 440 one year out of a 98 xc700 and a 2000 xc sp 440 powerplant. Made it trailable and run it for 3-4 years. Motor is now in a Pro-x and still running strong. I also still have a cylinder off a 98 that would be a good core.

The 1st 1997 XCR440 cylinders were recalled...Somebody may chime in here why, but they had a round hole in the lower part of the cylinder that the new ones don't. I know that for sure because there was a dweeb on e-bay that was selling some of the left over recalled cylinders. In the Polaris section of Snowmobile fanatics there is a thread just for XCR440s.
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i have a 97 xcr 440 and mine never had the motor mod done by polaris. i was wondering why the motors needed to be rebuilt.
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