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Default Engine for A-Mod Race Car

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently working with some friends on the design and build of an SCCA A-mod autocross car. In brief, it's a minimum 900lb car with driver, some very large wings, and the ability to sustain about 2G through corners. The typical drivetrain for these cars is a snowmobile engine, making somewhere in the 200-300hp range, running through a snowmobile CVT connected to a torsen type differential to the rear wheels.

We are currently going through engine selection, and I was hoping to get some opinions/information from the people who actually know snowmobile engines.

Here are the general specifications/criteria we are looking for:
-Noise. Unfortunatly where we will normally run the car there is a 92dB limit measured 50 ft from the side of the car.
-Power. We need a minimum of around 200hp, and will likely want to bring this up to the 250hp range or possibly higher eventually. Around 300hp is the practical limit for traction so we would never need more than this.
-Cost. We are trying to keep the cost of the car somewhat reasonable, so a slightly older engine available at lower cost from an older sled would be prefered over the latest and greatest.
-Weight. To be at all competitive we need to be right around the weight minimum and have a very low GC, so having a lighter engine will really pay off.
-Suitability for lateral G-loading. The car will sustain around 2G through a corner, so if the engine were a 4 stroke with a wet sump, oiling may become a real problem.

With these things in mind, what engine would everyone suggest we look into? A lot of other successful cars are running the thundercat 1000 tripple, but from what I have read it sounds like there are some lighter engines around now making about the same power. Noise is also a huge concern for us, and makes me think that a turbo motor is probably the way to go.

Thanks for any suggestions or information!

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i think everyone here would like that magical light weight low cost 250-300hp sled engine, let us know what you find
(OK that wasn't helpful but I couldn't resist)
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Lightweight + over 200HP=Shit loads of money. Best bang is gonna be a triple 2 stroke. Is this gonna be a 1\4 mile track, or longer? Two stroke is gonna be better in a short track situation where there's no long straightaways, and four strokes are gonna be costly, especially in aftermarket turbo applications.
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The Yamaha 2-stroke triples are fairly lightweight. As much as many of us don't like Yamaha snowmobiles for various reasons, they do make great engines.

With all the turbo knowledge out there now an SRX mill should easily make 250+ on boost.
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Current Sled(s): I have no sled.
Previous Sled(s): Tobaggan?
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Age: 28

Thanks for the help guys, I will start looking into that yamaha.

I do realize our list of wants is self conflicting, obviously we will have to spend a decent amount for a decent engine and it won't weigh nothing.

The racing is done on an autocross course, which is essentially a 40-60 second long course of tight corners and slaloms made of cones. Power application tends to be in 1-4 second bursts mixed in with hard breking all while cornering.

A turbocharged two stroke looks like the right way to go.
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