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Default oil change on 2000 MXZ 700?

does anyone know the best and cleanest way to change the chaincase oil in my 2000 mxz? I just bought it and never owned a sled before
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Not really a good clean way to do it. Should be a drain plug, but best to remove the cover anyway to inspect things and flush out any filings and debris floating around in there.
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X2 - Just pull the chain case cover. It's not that hard and relatively straight forward.
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If your sled has mechanical reverse,not sure what year sled got perc reverse. There could be more shavings which is normal on reverse sleds. There is a linkage that has to be disconnected to remove the cover. The chain has to have the slack adjusted when you are done. The gasket has to be reinstalled carefully so it don't leak. The bolts for chaincase cover thread into aluminum, be carefull of threads. If you are handy this should be ok for you to do. If you see any white in the oil,it has goten moisture at one time. The dipstick should have a magnet on the bottom to collect any metal or shavings. plowking
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