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Default Helmets? CKX TRANZ vs GMAX 54s Throttle

Which would you buy?
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If you can afford a sled you can most likely afford a more decent helmet.
You don't have to go all out on anything, but at lease get something with an ANSI or DOT rating which I don't think any of those carry.

Fly has some great "middle of the road" helmets in the $149-$189 range. So do quite a few others out there.

Don't take this like I'm all stuck up and whatnot. I'm still rocking a HJC-POS $89.00 special.
With thousands into my sled(s) and gear yet still running this POS helmet, with no excuse besides that I was cheap.

For about $60 more than my initial investment I could be wearing a decent helmet right now.
PAH... Get some!
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UMM my ckx is dot and snell approved !!! I have the ckx modular helmet and I like it a lot as well as my open face is ckx and is dot and snell as well . my modular helmet was 185 + the heated shield . They are not cheap at all .
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The Tranz helmets that I looked at last year were garbage. Half of them had broken parts right in the box. Very cheaply built. Not familiar with the GMax 54s but the GMax helmets we've used weren't great either. The GMax Dirk I have only gets used on the quad now because it won't keep the snow dust out. Total crap.
Spend a little more or spend again next year....sorry.

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I bought a Kimpex CKX Tranz-which is DOT approved 2 full riding seasons ago and its seen all kinds of riding conditions and I have no complaints, its warm, the flat black has held up without peeling, the sun visor that slides down still works and is a nice feature, all the vents actually work and it does not fog up, about the only thing I wish was different was the breath deflector...it works admirably but in a perfect world it would be like the ones in a $400+ skidoo helmet. Bottom line is would I ever buy another one?...in a heartbeat, especially for the money(under $200.)

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honestly neither and my buds a dealer fror the tranz. I only by full face helmets where spare parts and shields will be easy to find in case i break one when traveling. I'd buy a HJC IS-MAx if you want a mod.
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I have the Gmax 44 Modular with electric shield. One of the best $150 I've ever spent. Modular system works great. Sunshield works pretty good too. I see no quality issues or safety concerns.

I really like how everyone thinks since it's cheaper than all the 'big' brands, your head is not safe. If someone has some DOT/Snell tests regarding all the helmets, then I'll review and go from there.
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i have the ckx trans....i can say this, they run 1 size smaller than normal, and the sheild holds up well to scratching when you wipe snow from it. all of out hjc helmets need sheild because of simple scratching while wiping dust from them. i own 4 helmets and love my ckx. vents work great and its totally warm.
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I have the original GMax 44S that did not come with the sun visor and light beacon at time of sale. I have had very good luck with it but because it didn't have the sun visor I bought the GMax 54S. The visor is on the inside and so the wind can't get at it compared to the new 44S. Quality wise it looks very good (fit and finish) and fits my Mellon great.

My 2 cents
May peace be with you when my snow dust is in your face!
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I tried both CKX tranz and the Gmax 54s on at out local snow show and I went with the matte CKX for $89. The snorkel seem to fit me better compared to the 54s.
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