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20 to 1,,,40 to 1,,50 to 1,,,thanks for any help
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No f-in way, don't go with 50:1. At least 30:1, they called for 20:1 back then
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20 to 1,,,40 to 1,,50 to 1,,,thanks for any help[/b]
Manufacturer: Scorpion Inc., Crosby, Minnesota

Power Train Specs
Engine: Rockwell JLO axial fan-cooled piston-port twins
Displacement: 428cc/399cc/338cc
Carburetion: One Walbro WF float type
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Ignition: Magneto and breaker points
Lubrication: Pre-mix at 40:1
Exhaust: Single pipe into muffler
Power Output: 40 hp (440)/32 hp (340) @ 7,000 rpm
Electrical Output: 150 watts
Drive Clutch: Scorpion Power Thrust
Driven Clutch: Scorpion

Chassis Specs
Type: Welded and riveted all-aluminum with extruded aluminum front bumper and tubular steel rear bumper
Weight: Claimed 372 pounds dry; weighed 418 pounds wet by Popular Science Snowmobile Handbook
Front Suspension: Mono-leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers
Ski Stance: 28 inches
Rear Suspension: Scorpion Para-Rail with torsion springs and one hydraulic shock absorber
Track: 16 by 118 inches polyurethane with fiberglass rod reinforcements
Brake: Drum type on driven clutch
Fuel Capacity: 6 gallons (US)
Standard Equipment: Speedometer/ odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, fuel primer, handlebar pad, kill switch, passenger grab strap, under-hood storage compartment
Options: Electric start

Price: $1,595 (440)/$1,495 (399)/ $1,345 (340) MSRP

»More Features

its for a 75 but I don,t yhink it changed.
If theres snow I,ll go.
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