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Well you can now Believe it - Honda DID get into the sled market once -

I can't honestly see Honda getting into the sled market in modern times...too many of the existing manufacturers are hurting, so why jump into the market?[/b]
Honda was NEVER in the sled biz. Those were prototypes. Never sold to the public
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Honda was NEVER in the sled biz. Those were prototypes. Never sold to the public[/b]
Technically speaking, they were more than a prototype as they built 500 of them and they did get out in circulation and they did put out promo literature on them.

So to be technically correct, HONDA did ATTEMPT to get into the snowmobile market.

************************************************** ********
Honda builds a snowmobile: the 1973 Honda White Fox.(Honda Motor Company Ltd.)

COPYRIGHT 2007 Ehlert Publishing Group

Martin Violette said he's glad that Honda pulled its White Fox snowmobile off the market in 1973. Not because it was a bad machine, he said. Because it was too good.

"Frankly, we would have sold them like hot-cakes," the former Honda dealer said of the go-kart-like design. "It would have totally changed snowmobiling, in my opinion. The amount of competition it would have generated would have increased the number of snowmobilers by a great magnitude."

The 1973 Honda White Fox is the closest the company has come to entering the snowmobile market.

Violette, who owned a Honda motorcycle dealership in Ithaca, New York, in the early 1970s, was one of a special group of people who tested Honda's potential entries into the snowmobile market. He received shipment of five 1973 White Fox snowmobiles for testing. Honda told him that they had 500 units in a warehouse in the U.S., ready to hit the market. Before they were released, however, they wanted dealers to give them some opinions on the unusual sled.

Violette had the White Foxes for a month before Honda wanted them back. Shortly after they were returned, Honda announced it abandoned its White Fox project and all machines went... (sorry to cut it short, but they make you pay to get the rest of the article)

************************************************** **
More Photos
************************************************** ***

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