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Originally Posted by john 800 View Post
So what was it you fell into? I am looking at the pics wondering if that was a creek running through a field or just random hole or what.
it is a creek 2 to 4 foot deep 2 - 4 foot wide, never knew it was there. Water was moving 1-2 mph. Sand bottom.
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Yikes, glad it all ended well.
Spring riding is the best, give her until it's all gone!
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Last month my friends parents went through the ice in bancroft. Others came to the rescue and one of them too went through the ice....the person who was helping and the mother (passenger I believe) were saved. The father went under tho and unfortunately wasn't pulled out in time. He didn't make it.
Tragic story that is heard all too often.
Always be aware, and when u find urdelf on the lake in a sketchy situation, pin er, keep those skis light and hang on till u hit land.
I encountered open black water 4 years ago in a snow storm in the pitch black out on Georgian Bay....didn't know if I'd hit solid ice again or not...kinda thought I might be riding off into the abyss. Thankfully I hit land after about 300-400 yards, but all I could see easy was what my headlights provided, and that black watter with night floating ice chunks felt like it would go forever.
I even contemplated abandoning ship soon as I realized what had happened, kinda the whole "jump before the point of no return" thing, but instead I held fast, kept the sled in the power band, leaned back and held the fuck on.
Hearing about all these rides getting killed on the lakes, I realize now how lucky I was. I was following a lonely set of tracks, so I can only hope the guy/girl who made em was as lucky as I was. ...and whoever else followed mine

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glad it all worked out, we michiganians are usually pretty helpful. As far as the trail,
I crack up when I see a sled for sale and it states "all U.P. miles" the worst trails
I have ever ridden have been in the U.P. and looked like that. The best trails I have
ridden have also been in the U.P. though.
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Stories like this make my stomach churn. Learned not too long ago a friend of my son's dad went through the ice. 2 others dropped in too and they all made it out alive. I was getting sick just hearing about the hellish nightmare it was and it was a total wake up call not to take any chances and be prepared for anything.

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