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Default 60 sleds in 60 days winners

has anyone out there won a polaris sled in this contest or heard of anyone?????
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Default 60 sleds in 60 days winners

There is a thread in the rush/ switchback polaris forum with a couple of guys that won. Its something like "holy f$&@"

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Today is the last drawing.
I'm expecting a call from Minnesota around 11:00.
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Originally Posted by PoPoFusion View Post
Today is the last drawing.
I'm expecting a call from Minnesota around 11:00.
Sorry, buddy but I am keeping my lines open for them to call me. LMAO

Good luck, hope someone else on here gets the call.
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i finally got a code from a local dealer but when i tried to sign up to win all i got was an error code saying the site i was looking for was removed. scam!
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Theres a guy in the poo section that won a SBA.

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Lots of winners all posted on facebook and on the entry form on left hand side click on it and see.
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10-11 Mileage: 900
Age: 44
Riding Since: 199?

One of my close friends won at about day 10.He received an email from Polaris NOT a phone call.He had his choice of sleds in the beginning,he is getting a 2015 switchback.It is a real contest.
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No dice.
Shallow and pedantic.
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I won a Switchback Assault 800 on Feb. 20th. They contact you first through email and you have 72 hours to respond.

I flipped out when I opened the email.
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