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great write up thanks! I am changing my track out on my z1t this weekend
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Your welcome bud.
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Can I put a 2 inch or 1.75 lug on my 06 without changing anything? If not tell me what I all got to change and what the best track would be to put on brand wise. Thanks!
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This thread saved me at least $400 bucks from the dealer!! I followed the sequence exactly and it went like butter! You weren't kidding about getting the track out, but I figured out the trick. You have to get the lug pinned against the tunnel out and then the rest of the track comes out easily. I pried a little from underneath and a little from the dd opening and out the track came. Also removing the exhaust can gives you more room for the brake assembly to move around, helped out a lot for reinstalling the track.

Very simple and straight forward, just remember to put everything back, I almost forgot the bolt for the dd. Need the blue lock tight also.
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Originally Posted by UP Cat View Post
I saw that some people had asked about doing this on an 06. I just did this on Saturday following this thread...AWESOME. It was a huge help below are some pics of what I found were some differences.

The Diamond Drive had a rubber bracket with 2 torx screws holding it in that I had to remove in order to get to the fifth nut.

As for the bolt that holds the drive cogs in, you won't need any extension. I just set the brake and on the brake side there is a (I think 15mm) bolt that you can remove and it comes free from the DD. Here is a pic of after removing the bolt and the long shaft that goes through the cogs.

Hope this helps a little for any 06 owners looking to do this. I must say I was very intimidated at first by attempting to do this. I took my laptop and put it on the seat of the sled and just took my time. I already had my skid out as I was sending it to be powder coated by Halfbaked (they are awesome by the way) so my time for the project was significantly less. It took me about 15 minutes to get the DD off about 15 mins to wrestle the old track off (did it by myself, probably could have done it in 5 with a second set of hands) and about 10 mins to get the new track on.

One thing that I noticed was when I reinstalled the shaft bolt through from the brake side into the DD and tightened it, I couldn't get the DD to sit flush on the frame. I loosened the shaft bolt, re threadlocked, tightened the DD first then went back and tightened the shaft bolt to 50lbs with a torque wrench.

If anyone sees something wrong with what I did let me know. This was my first time, so go easy. I definately feel like I know my sled much better now.

Oh yeah, I waited until after I was done and then had plenty of beers to make up for not drinking during the work!

You don't have to remove the torx screws to get the rubber piece off next to the DD, it just pry's out. Also the best way to get the skid back in, is to put the front in first, then tighten up the track until the rear bolt holes line up. You can then loosen them off to tension the track properly.
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Originally Posted by allan636 View Post
You don't have to remove the torx screws to get the rubber piece off next to the DD, it just pry's out. Also the best way to get the skid back in, is to put the front in first, then tighten up the track until the rear bolt holes line up. You can then loosen them off to tension the track properly.

X2 But then make sure you readjust the track tension to just a shade tighter that specs. That folded up track that has been stored in a box will loosen, and after the first 1/2 day, check the tension again.
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Thanks for the write-up. Used it to change the track on the wife's 2007 F6. Only difference is that I had to remove the footholds.

Can't believe that one of my DD bolts was a torx head on the back... couldn't begin to get a torx driver on it. Had to wedge a big screwdriver in there to hold it.
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Thanks Silverram, Im going to change out my M8 track tomorrow, I hope!
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You don't need to remove the dd at all. I can swap tracks in less than 30 min on my. 06 m7 or 07 m8. Super easy job
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