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Default 1980 exciter oil pump leak

I got a 1980 440 exciter with an oil leak that seems to be internally in the pump itself. I pulled the speedometer cable out of the housing, cleaned the area, in a hour or so oil is coming out of the speedo cable hole again. Any ideas what would fail inside the pump to let gravity feed oil out of the housing?
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I had a '79 a long time ago and I'm trying to picture the speedo cable and why engine oil would be coming out of that ? Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but isn't the speedo housing located down on the drive shaft behind the secondary like any other sled ?
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That's not the speedo cable, it's the Tach Cable.
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It's the tack drive cable. There is a seal where the drive comes out of the oil pump. Unscrew the cable clean it with brake cleaner ( cable and pump) fill the cap with RTV and screw it back on. In most cases it will stop the leak
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Originally Posted by XCR1250 View Post
That's not the speedo cable, it's the Tach Cable.
theres no tach cable to the oil pump?only the throttle cable to open and close pump no?
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If your talking about the angle drive adapter from the drive axle below the secondary I can offer you this. Ski doo on the elan and other old sleds used a hollow drive axle to allow oil to pass through and oil the clutch side drive axle bearing. Did Yamaha do this but with the complexity of a speedo drive...I don't know. It's possible but first let's figure out what cable you are actually talking about. That engine should be digital CDI so it's easy to get a tach signal off the pickup.
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