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Default zl 500 hp and top speed?

does anyone know the top speed of a zl 500 98-01 i no my old stock zr 600 did 100 so id say 85?
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on good conditions and everything work good.. low to mid 90's on radar..
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the 5s were just as fast as the 6s if both were in good shape, my tachs never work so I cant give you a speed
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Age: 26

My 98 500 would about 95mph on the speedo, but that took a long stretch to get it there.
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those 500s were awesome back in the day. it's the 600 minus maybe 6-8hp. same top speeds from what I remember. 100ish. clutched and geared aggressively, both were a blast.
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Stock '02 ZR 500...Hard pack my buddies 2009 F8 is maybe 1 mph faster.

The 500 motors were animals. That same buddy has a 1999 ZL 500 that the ZR will blow the doors off of though-not that it is a slow sled, that ZR is just a beast.

2008 Sno Pro with D&D 900ss and 144" ice age rails.
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